Indulge in a pure 100% bar of a very rare and important cacao.

Sugar-free.  No added fat. 


We've taken our exemplary Maranon 100% no-added-fat chocolate and studded it with delicious organic Green Khorog raisins from Uzbekistan.  The raisins add a natural sweetness to a completely sugar-free 1-ingredient chocolate. Apart from this Khorog raisins are well known for their apple flavour. This adds balance to a powerful chocolate and creates a slow melting, pure cacao bean and raisin bar. 


As seen on the beeb:


Intense fruity sours and notes of oak-barrel-aged tannins present themselves in this bold bar. Fans of 100% dark chocolate bars will find something entirely new in this 

this Marañon bar.


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Thought extinct for a hundred years, discovered by chance growing in a remote river canyon at twice the usual altitude of cacao in the foothills of the Andes, this bean has been USDA inspected and verified as being a genetically PURE NACIONAL bean known in the world. The intense floral flavours are difficult to stabilize; the bean is notoriously temperamental and presents a terrific challenge to any chocolatemaker. With persistence and a lot of trial, error, observation and patience, it