European Gold 2021-2022

Highest scoring product in the ICA's European Chocolatier Competition.

Special award for creating a 'Classic'. 


Peruvian Cusco cacao stoneground with 60% pure PDO Piedmont Hazelnuts to make a gorgeously spreadable spread. Organic, direct-trade, dairy-free, bean to jar with only 3 ingredients.


Perfect as a topping, cake-filling or enjoyed neat by the spoonful.


No added salt or lecithin.  Just 3 great ingredients: Hazelnuts, sugar and cacao.

Net weight ~155g of pure Solkiki Piedmont Hazelnut spread!

Bean to Jar - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

  • Organic Piedmont Hazelnuts, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic Cusco cacao