Stunning cacao from the Cooperativa Red Guaconejo via John Nanci in 2012, 9 years ago. La Red Co-op is based in the community of Los Pajones, El Factor municipality. It is an organization formed by small agricultural producers from the communities of the buffer zone of the Loma Guaconejo Scientific Reserve. Since its constitution in 2003, it has been developing actions aimed at improving the living conditions of some 170 peasant families in the region by setting up a cocoa marketing and cocoa processing company. It also places emphasis on organic certification and the improvement of the post-harvest quality of cocoa, all these actions closely linked to the conservation of the natural resources of said Reserve.


Check this bar for deeply satisfying chocolate-wafer notes, but without the horrific industrial flaws, off-notes and problems.  

La Red - Dominican Republic 60% dark milk

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