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Edible snowballs!


Bringing the snowballs inside, so you can stay cozy without getting cold!


On the inside you will find crunchy puffed millet. When you buy into the Tumble, it sounds like you're taking steps in crunchy, fresh snow! 

The 'snowballs' are tumbled in our White Chocolate, Chuncho, Peru 42%, this chocolate won a European 2023 Gold Award! 

The chocolate is fresh and bright, but with the edition of a hint of the fresh, peppermint essential oil it brings all the brightness to the front, giving you a festive and fun little chocolate snack.


These little snowballs can be kept just fine at room temperature, but for  more authentic, festive fun, you can also keep them in the freezer, or even the fridge.


They arrive in a resealable 85g pouch.  


Tumbled Snowballs with Mint White Chocolate 42%

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