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Solid 20kg block!  FREE shipping.


Our cacoa butter (organic, natural - un-deodorised) is great for cooking, making chocolate, smoothies, and skin and hair care. Organic cacao butter is a quick absorbing moisturizer, gluten-free, GMO-free and vegan. Long known for it's potency as a beauty product, cacao butter is a must-have staple in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Put some of our unroasted beans in a blender, or roast them a bit yourself first! Add some sugar and some cacao butter and whizz. Hey presto - you're a chocolatemaker!

Undeodorised Organic Cacao Butter 20kg

  • Let us know if you do or don't enjoy our chocolate.  We will do whatever we can to learn, improve and keep you smiling.

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