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Bean-to-Bar - White Craft Chocolate

Our cold-pressed, organic cacao butter is the world's finest basis for any white chocolate.

Dairy-free, we only use the best plant based milks to create the best flavoured white chocolate. 

If you typically dislike white chocolate, our's will truly convert you! So, give it a try!

Animal dairy isn't traditional and it actually inhibits flavour perception, it's a relatively recent addition that is very much the cheapest option for big industry.


We humbly offer the world's highest quality ingredients, expertly combined in a small-batch craft process.  

Choficionado - Taste Like A Pro

These Choficionado sets are a fun way to dive into the world of fine-flavour chocolate.  Order for yourself or buy several and make your own tasting party!  We'll help guide you through.

Each Choficionado pack contains helpful tips and background info written by Iris and Bob personally, to help you get the most out of your experience.

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