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We have sold out of Doubloons today, but we are making a new batch this week.  Please feel free to order  - you'll be at the front of the queue.  

We aim to ship Thursday.


Chocolate coins have had their day.  Doubloons have arrived!


Observer Special!  Today only  11.2.24   We'll add a free, full bag of fresh Snowballs (european gold, vegan white chocolate)  to all orders over £30 that contain a bag of Doubloons!   The whole entire site is vegan-friendly :)


We can add a short, personal message to your order, just let us know in the message box during checkout.


Explore our site - it's absolutely full of world-class chocolate!  Boulders or boozey bars, coffee or cashews, single estate or sci-fi futuristic chocolate, the moreish mulberry dragee... so much to explore, share and taste.  Still probably on time for Valentines, with luck, if you opt for 1st class postage. 


Thank you Annalisa @ The Observer (Feb 2024) '... these are thick, satisfying, marzipan coins coated in vegan ‘milk’ chocolate (60%). These kept me going through January, are super tasty and really satisfying (one does the trick). Anyone who loves marzipan will adore these. Banish any thought of regular, commercially available marzipan-filled chocolate, these are something else.'


The chocolate enrobing each Doubloon is our Salted Caramel 60.  It just earned World Silver medal at the world's top choc comp, the ICA, Nov'23!  We use it for many recipes including the gentle Coffee Caramel 60, the boozy-with-a-kick Whisky Nibs 60, the smoother-but-still- boozy Brandy 60 (European Gold '20) and the locally-grown-&-produced Somerset Pomona apple cider brandy 60 (World Silver '22).  It's amazing in bar format, and works so well with our fresh Marzipan as a Doubloon.


8x giant, marzipan nuggets, enrobed with our superfine multi-award winning Maranon 60% Salted Caramel Dark Milk.   Freshly made from scratch, unbeatably fresh and will remain so until Choctober 2025.  No dairy means long life!


A foundation of Solkiki since 2015, the Salted Caramel 60 helped establish us as a maker.  Effortless elegance and refined sophistication in this chocolate, brimming with understated depth.  The pure marzipan centre brings creamy sweetness and almond in abundance.   Decadent delight, and instant hit with all of us here!


We hope you'll enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed conceiving, making and testing it.  



Allergen information: contains no dairy, or soy (dairy-free, soy-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts and soy. Vegan friendly. 


Doubloons - 'Salted Caramel' - 60% Maranon - Peru

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