Bronze winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018 (Category flavoured dark chocolate bar)


Gianduja (Gianduia) is the chocolate is smoothly ground together with roasted hazelnuts. This gives a melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut and chocolate experience. 


We use Piedmont hazelnuts (the best we've ever tasted) and after lots of testing and tasting it's stone ground together with Gran Palo Blanco cacao beans. The combination of these crucial ingredients showcase the harmony between 2 high quality and nicely flavoured ingredients.  Technically a dark chocolate, at 49% it's loved by fans of milk chocolate too.

Gianduja 49% Dark Chocolate

  • Organic Gran Palo blanco cacao beans, organic Piedmont Hazelnuts, unrefined organic cane sugar, organic undeodorised cacao butter.